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The Locked Room Murder Mystery Game


The Locked Room Murder Mystery Game is a tabletop storytelling game for one or more players inspired by Golden Age murder mystery detective novels.

Create a cast of characters gathered in one place. Fill their lives with tension and secrets.

Join our great detective as they solve the mysterious murder of one of our characters found in a locked room.

Play out the investigation until the true culprit is determined, and reveal the truth hidden among the clues and suspects in the detective’s journal.

This game is fully GMless and requires no prep to play. As you play, you'll come up with the characters and details and how they interact, and the game mechanics will determine who dies and who is culpable when the time is right.

This is the PAX Unplugged 2023 Ashcan Edition. The rules are finished, but future versions of the game may come in a different format. Grab it while supplies last! Green is now sold out.